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A collection of information and material of interest for other than the originator who in all circumstances is me, Erik Maaløe. Not all of this is or will be available - or relevant - in English. On the other hand, maybe something will only be available in English - we'll see.

ChangeGroup is a consulting company and network for independent consultants   ChangeGroup
Since 2006, I have been a partner in ChangeGroup, a Danish consulting company and network for independent IT and IT management consultants.

cattaDoc open source integrated document management   cattaDoc
cattaDoc is an open source integrated document management (IDM) solution based on PHP and MySQL.

cattaDoc is available in English and in Danish - and is prepared for translation into other languages as well.

With cattaDoc you get a web-based, integrated document management package which can help you to quickly find your documents, to keep track of your document relations to projects as well as customers, suppliers and partners, to manage your document processes through version control, check-out/check-in, event history etc., and to reuse your documents and the knowledge in them.

My books on Zimbabwe / Rhodesia   Zimbabwe
In the 1970's and the 1980's I worked a lot on Africa and especially Zimbabwe. The result, amongst other things, was a number of books all being published here on this site.

Even though they are written many years ago, they are still of current interest if you want to understand the background for the present conflicts in Zimbabwe.

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